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The Labyrinth A5 Notebook

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Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we bring you The Labyrinth Notebook in a stunning synthetic leatherbound replica of the book as it appears in the movie.

The perfect fit to guard your sacred sketches and stories when ridding your households of annoying baby brothers, helping foster friendships with rogue muppets, and attracting the attention of cod-pieced, musical Goblin Kings, this notebook breathes the fresh life of the 21st century into the nostalgic age of the 80s. 

Whether you’re imagining yourself in Sarah’s shoes finding a way out of a Bog of Eternal Stench or solving a logic puzzle to get past guards, the Labyrinth notebook is the perfect thing for die-hard fans of the classic hit by Jim Henson. It’ll only protect your writing forever, not long at all.

Currently available in A5 size approx 96 pages

Amazing photo by @kristinalakey