Avengers Nano Gauntlet Pin

"And I.......Am.....Iron Man!" 

The Nano Gauntlet is a gauntlet used to manipulate the power of the Infinity Stones. Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Rocket created the Gauntlet to hold the Infinity Stones and reversed the effects from the Decimation.

Like the Infinity Gauntlet, the Nano Gauntlet is capable of channeling the power of all the Infinity Stones at once, granting whoever wields it near-omnipotence. However, while the Nano Gauntlet was made of extremely resilient nanotechnology, much like Tony Stark's suit, it did not possess the more advanced durability of its Dwarven predecessor. As such, simply attempting to wield the Stones simultaneously would cause their collective energies to leak from the Gauntlet and begin to severely wound the user, as was the case with Hulk and Iron Man.

Due to its nanotechnology, the Nano Gauntlet can shift its nanites around and morph itself to accommodate users of different arm sizes. The Nano Gauntlet's nanites can also be transferred into different Iron Man armors made of nanotechnology. Iron Man used this to transfer the nanites containing the Infinity Stones onto his armor, therefore merging its nanites with his suit and safely transferring the Stones between them.

Infinity Stones 
Space Stone - Encased in the Tesseract. 
Mind Stone - Contained in the Chitauri Scepter and later Vision. 
Reality Stone - Aether. 
Power Stone - Contained in The Orb. 
Time Stone - Encased in the Eye of Agamotto. 
Soul Stone - Hidden on the planet Vormir.

Details - 
The pin itself will be a whopping 80mm in length! 
It will be double plated with a staggering 4 metal finishes in one pin! - Gold, Silver, Antique Silver, and an Iron (man) base. 
It will also have the 6 infinity stones, which will be 6mmx4mm and sit out as actual 3d gems. 
The Iron Man red color will be 3D lucent red plating.

This is, without a doubt, our most detailed pin yet, so you will NOT want to miss out on this one!√

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Avengers Nano Gauntlet Pin

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