It's Hoggle! The Labyrinth Enamel Pin

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Labyrinth gatekeeper, fairy exterminator, known as a cowardly dwarf. Hoggle was gruff and too scared of The Goblin King to help Sarah at first, but Sarah stole his prized jewels, so reluctantly joined her cause. After being scared off by Ludo, he reappeared only to be secretly at the service of Jareth carrying an enchanted peach. A trip through the bog almost changed his mind, but he indeed gave her the suspicious fruit. Once she had bitten it he ran off, ashamed of his cowardice. This pin is a testament to Hoggle overcoming his fear of his intimidating monarch and coming to the rescue of Sarah, cementing their friendship, and finally standing up to the one he was most afraid of, The Goblin King himself.

PLEASE NOTE it may be hazardous to place him near any fairy pins! 

35mm, Soft Enamel, Secured with a rubber clutch.

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