Ghibli Lovers Giftbox *pre-order*

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A wonderous box filled with pins, socks and other collectable goodies to rival even the best gift box out there!

If you own or have seen our previous Labyrinth box you'll know the quality of the pieces inside is second to none. 

The gift box will contain 10 unreleased (12 if you preorder) the collection will range from different movies and the preorder bonus will be Totoro Socks and a Kiki pin on top of the original contents.

Please be aware this is a preorder, manufacturing new items takes time and pre-ordering now will only help me to produce this faster. Since production on our last box is compete we've made many new production connections and gotten through the trial and error stages!

Official production starts March 5th and the complete box will ship Early May

There will only be 100 Preorders extras may become available but will not include the pre-order extra pre-order goodies. 

Shipping to the UK is £6.50 for a 1kg Box shipping worldwide is £13 via Transglobal 8-11 day service free postage and discounts do not apply to box purchases.