33cl Can Holder Adventurer Tankard

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A classic tavern mug, great for your choice of beverage! Or use it as a dice mug or pencil holder, in either case it will put some mood on the gaming table or making cans less conspicuous when LARPing!

Modelled to fit a 33cl can (66mm diameter) which fits snugly inside. The mug is also great to fit inside all your dice for tabletop gaming. More sizes coming soon.

Enjoy, bottoms up!

Sold in plain brown ready to be paint or used as is.


Want to paint this mug?



Here's a simple painting tutorial on how I painted this mug.

Step 1: Base coat the mug. Spray it either a dark brown or black. This will make the next steps of colours stick better.

Step 2. Paint in the flat dark brown colour if you spray painted it black.

Step 3. Use a flat wide brush, around 15-30mm wide. Use or mix a lighter brown colour and work it into the brush tip, then wipe it all off in a paper towel. This leaves a very "dry" paint left in the brush that you can brush across the wooden veins. If in doubt, try to brush over your knuckles to test it out. (This technique is called dry-brushing).

Step 4. Mix again a lighter colour, up to a near white, wipe it off again and dry-brush, but this time doing it even more gently, so it doesn't cover your previous layer too much.

That's basically how the wood was painted!

The metal parts were first base coated with a metal colour. When dry, I used a very diluted bright blue colour to give the metal a bit of a blue tint. You can also do this with brown/orange to give it a rusty look. You want this diluted paint to be -very- diluted with water.
Finally when dry, I did the same again with a black to intensify the shadows, like around the rivets and the edges of metal. Remember these mugs arrive unpainted in brown but can be sent in alternative colours just leave me a note.