About Us

The best pins from your favourite videogames, TV shows, comics and movies.

We search all the known galaxies looking for the coolest, quirkiest, most fashionable pins & merchandise from all the videogames, TV shows, comics and movies you love.

Everything we sell is 100% awesome, so you can be confident anything you buy will be of the highest quality and give you that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes from getting something unique.

Although Atomic Pins is definitely the new kid on the block we aim to please with limited edition runs and great loyalty rewards.

Were UK based and we offer global shipping.

We live in Norwich, UK and my team of enslaved Wookiees ship worldwide every day from this location.

Let us entertain you!

Even if you’re not ready to buy anything (yet!), I want you to have a great time exploring the weird and wonderful world of Atomic Pins, so I've done my best to create amazing pins and merch that i want you to love and share!

Remember to check me out on instagram (Link Below) for all the latest updates and to upload all your lovely pictures of your new pins! Thank you all for all the love and help I receive. It means the world!