Chilly Down Fire Gang (Complete Set)

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The Fireys are a group of creatures encountered by Sarah in Labyrinth. Lanky beasts with flaming red pelts, the hedonistic creatures are devoted to having a good time, which includes removing their limbs, heads, and other body parts to use as items in their games. Befitting their name, they are capable of producing fires from their hands. Their approach to life is explained in the song "Chilly Down." Though not malicious, the Fireys prove to be unintentionally dangerous to Sarah because they want to take off her head and play with it, not understanding that her head doesn't detach and reattach like theirs, or that it isn't survivable to her like it is to them. Hoggle helps her escape from them by throwing a rope down a rockface for her to climb.


You will receive the complete set of 38mm Soft Enamel Pins 

Artwork by @davidsteeleartworks 

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