Stranger Things 'Van flip' Moving Pin

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'The scene where Eleven flips an entire van is one of the most epic displays of power in the entire series. Like many of the other effects, this was done practically, with explosives under the van to launch it into the air while cameras rolled. They weren't even sure they could do it at first, but a parking lot test proved successful, sending the van sailing into the air. Unfortunately, when they tested it live, some of the explosives didn't go off, leaving the bus careening well off its mark.

Fortunately, the kids were nowhere nearby. The finalized shot in the show is a composite shot. Unfortunately, the unpredictably careening van annihilated one of their cameras. It took a lot of coaxing of their Line Producer to attempt a second shot after ordering a new camera, but the results were well worth it.'

Now you can own one of the most iconic scenes in the Stranger Things saga so far, the famous "Eleven flips a van" scene from Season 1 of the cult hit show, 'Stranger Things', in glorious, sliding pin form.

This pin will be soft enamel, to give it some depth and more detail while the sliding van will be in hard enamel with screen print details and magnetic, meaning the van can be slid to any positions on the pin track and stay there. 
The pin will be approximately 2.25 inches long x 1.5 inches wide with double posting. 

It will also have the 'Jenna Craig Design' and 'Atomic Pins' logo stamps marked on the back of the pin too.